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A system for separating water from an atom and operating engines and machines on water

A system based on separating water from its atoms through an advanced technology and extracting hydrogen gas resulting from separation to operate motors. This invention is characterized by the fact that the heat resulting from separation is low compared to electrolysis and also its ability to produce large energy in a short time and uses a low current in addition to that it uses household water No distillation and separation is done without any agitator.As for the applications of this invention, they are very many:

Operating the engines of all means of transportation (such as cars, ships ...) and also operating factory machinery, generating electricity, providing energy and operating generators, all of this is done by water instead of fuel, and by this we have achieved the goal that we set out from, which is to maintain a clean environment free from car smoke And reduce the ozone hole with the ability to operate cars at very low costs compared to fuel and the most important thing is that with this invention, we will have affected the economy of Syria in particular and the world economy in general.

For inventors: Abdul Aziz Rashid Abu El-Enein - Rawaa Al-Arabi - Catherine Ali. Damascus University -

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

This patent was ranked 1st - Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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